Teacher Appreciation luncheon held at FPS

Published 9:57 am Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Franklinton Primary School’s educators were treated to a luncheon Thursday, while similar Teacher Appreciation Week recognitions took place at schools throughout the parish.

The school’s teachers eat lunch with their students each day, but the event Thursday gave them the opportunity to spend a peaceful, kid-free hour having a meal with their co-workers, Principal Aylene Crain said.

Franklinton Primary has about 66 teachers, and volunteers from each classroom watched over the children for the duration of the luncheon.

Crain said the auditorium where the luncheon was held was decorated by volunteers, and the food was prepared by a local restaurant. Volunteers collected items donated by local businesses to be handed out as door prizes and helped during the lunch.

Second-grade teacher Heather Martin said she enjoyed the luncheon.

“It’s very well put together,” she said. “I just appreciate all the businesses for donating items and making food to show their appreciation of the job that we do.”

Recognitions took place all through the week. Each grade level was assigned a day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, and the parents of those students brought breakfast for the teachers. Crain said the food poured in, and the teachers were able to have a nice breakfast each day. On Tuesday, a local fast food restaurant pitched in by donating 60 biscuits, she said.

Crain also provided a small “goody,” such as a candy bar featuring a motivational saying, to the teachers each day during Teacher Appreciation, and they each received a T-shirt that said “teamwork” Thursday.

The teachers are doing an excellent job, said Crain, who added that her students’ test scores are better than ever.

“They just finished testing, and the students have made just unbelievable progress,” she said. “They’ve worked really hard all year, and it’s showing in the data. We’re really proud of that.”