Bogalusa, Varnado crews win titles at White River Race

Published 6:45 pm Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Bogue Tuchenna Scout District, encompassing Washington and St. Tammany Parishes and sponsored by the Istrouma Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, won five divisions at the 46th Annual National Invitational White River Canoe Race that ran July 26-28 from Bull Shoals to Batesville, Ark.

The district representing Bogalusa Post 313, under advisor Robert Miller and Varnado Post 200, under advisor Dora Mohan, fielded a total of eight teams in the adventure race. Bogalusa extended its record with a 10th overall national championship as its open cruising team completed the race ahead off all competitors.

“It was a near sweep,” Miller said. “Overall, it was a commendable performance by all the paddlers.We took the national championship in all the divisions except one and it wasn’t decided until the final leg. We just have to work to get better for next year.”

Bogalusa Venturer Crew 313’s boys open cruising team finished the race in 15:03:36, a full seven minutes ahead of the nearest competitor, and averaged 7.16 miles per hour throughout the race.

The boys novice aluminum teams finished first and second with times of 14:16:33 and 14:59:55 by averaging 6.09 and 5.60 miles per hour over the course. The boys beginner crews also placed in the top two with times of 4:55:28 and 5:18:28 averaging 5.38 and 4.49 mph.

Varnado Venturer Crew 200’s girls novice aluminum team won with a time of 15:37:23 averaging 5.47 mph. The girls beginners team also placed first with a time of 5:12:29 with a 4.82 mph average.

The boys advanced aluminum team placed second with a time of 17:03:18 and an average of 6.10 miles per hour.

Crew 313 members include Paul Dauterive, Josh Treadway, Jonathan Pierce, Tyler Milner, Roo Breland, Colby Spears, A.J. Holmes, James Stillwell, Luke Owens, Johnathan Turner, Adam Economo, Eric Richard, Kyle Pennino, Duncan McClenden, Maison Montgomery, Mason Cooper, Tim Smith, Brannan Crosby, Zach Mitchell, Hayden Thorton, Austin Hunt, Tyler Seals, Travis Singley, Joseph Arabi and Landon Arabi.

Crew 200 members include Morgan Thigpen, Kirsten Barber, Grace Fornea, Laiton Jenkins, Sabrina Meyn, Jessica Lann, Sierra Rowe and Ryan Smith.