Letters: Stop the East Louisiana Southern Soul Music Festival

Published 2:17 pm Thursday, February 8, 2024

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In reference to the East Louisiana Southern Soul Music Festival

I have never felt the need to use the media to express my views and opinions until now.  I removed the picture half of this poster intentionally so that the focus is solely on our concerns.  Look closely at the bottom half with all the information.  Look closely and read every word (BRING YOUR OWN BEER, NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DEATH, THEFT, etc).  This is a rural address between Pine and Stateline.  This is the former homesite of Pete and Angela Thomas.  This land was sold from the estate of Dick Forbes due to extended healthcare costs over 5 years of his wife’s sickness.

I was raised on property directly across the road.  Our families have been next door neighbors my entire 75 years of life.  Unfortunately, it was purchased by a non parish resident who apparently does not have the same values as we do.  These festivals are well known to bring high levels of drug trafficking.  We are concerned about security with the number of people that would attend such an event right on top of us.  The noise created will be unwanted in our quiet community setting.  It would be like having a Woodstock Festival in the middle of our church community!

Imagine this coming directly across the road from your home.   That is going to happen to us, the Williams’, if we don’t band together – stand together as God fearing Christians to show that we do not want or need this form of activity in our community.

I firmly believe that God can take care of this situation in ways that we can not.  But I also believe that we need to publicly stand and show others that we are serious about protecting what has been handed down to us by our forefathers – a safe, quiet, peaceful community.

The permit has been applied for – it goes before the planning commission on February 20th at 5 PM in the council chamber.  I ask for your prayers as we face this situation.  I also ask for your show of support for our rural communities by attending this meeting.  We trust to see you there.

Charles Williams

Angie, LA