Letter to the Editor: We should show our thanks to law officers

Published 11:50 am Friday, August 12, 2022

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Dear Editor:

When a difficult task is well done, some thanks should be extended.

We all know that an atmosphere of tension existed in our community for several days recently, and that what a long-ago poet referred to as “the even tenor of their way” was pretty well screwed up for a while.

Our leaders, especially our police and their chief, handled the crisis exceedingly well, without commotion or grandstanding, simply by presenting a dignified and firm stance of law and order, with the assistance of neighboring officers whose help is always appreciated.

I’ve lived her for a great many summers (none others as hot as this one has been) and winters, and Bogalusa used to have a reputation for being a tad rowdy, but we came through this aggravation quite nicely. Troublemakers would do well to observe that there’s steel beneath the surface.

Friends, if you have a large backyard or camp, why not consider giving our law enforcement boys a barbecue or fish fry? The unseen hands that control national television are not going to complement them — you can count on that. They want to disband them. It’s up to us to support them.

John N. Gallaspy