Planning for Fun

Published 9:00 am Thursday, February 8, 2024

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As the fire flickers and sputters, I sip my morning brew, while faithful Missy yawns and stretches in her nearby bed. The deep, rich sounds of my back porch chimes come sporadically with each gust of wind, while the dryer hums along. Soon, the various activities of the day will add their own notes to this melody of life.

Soft, quiet sounds of a new day awakening bring peace to my heart. In this place of rest before the busyness begins, I hear the gentle whispers of the Savior. The words I have hidden in my heart through the years come in these quiet moments, preparing me for today.

I think of all the things on my list to accomplish, and I’m grateful that I got a jump-start yesterday. In my younger years, I often filled my plate a little too full and had to rush to get things done. I still have a lot going on, but I have learned a few tricks to manage my time over the years.

Procrastination is something I try to avoid these days, and that helps so much with time management. Getting things done early is not my natural tendency, so I consider it a win when I am able to do so. Adding margin to my day makes everything flow so much better.

I have tried various strategies to ensure I avoid rushing, but for me, it’s best to plan to be early. When I think I have enough time to do one more thing before leaving for an appointment, I’m usually wrong. Compensating by leaving early usually results in arriving right on time, so that’s my strategy for a really busy day like today.

The weeks whiz by so quickly, and our family vacation is right around the corner. My grandchildren don’t get to spend much time together since they live several states away, so a week at a mountain cabin will be fun for all of us. Who knows? We may even see a little snow.

In the spirit of getting things done early, I’ve been trying to come up with fun family games to play. I have purchased several and have been looking online for ideas. At first, I considered planning the evening meals in advance. Then I wondered if it might be best to allow for spontaneity on that front, but in the end, I decided to plan at least a few meals and take those supplies to the cabin. In case of a winter storm, I want us to be able to relax and enjoy without worries of running out for extra supplies.

There is still plenty to do to prepare, so I’d better get hopping! I am looking forward to spending a few uninterrupted days with my favorite people. The way I’m talking, you would think we are on our way to Antarctica instead of Tennessee, but it’s always good to be prepared!