Miller: We don’t have to walk alone!

Published 10:44 am Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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The brisk March wind whistles through the eves on the house and the chimes on the back porch join into the wind’s song. The change from winter to spring in the Deep South may not be as much of a contrast as in the northern climes, but spring brings with her an abundance of beauty. The trees begin to bud out and adorn the somewhat dreary landscapes with various shades of green. Actually, one of the first trees to bud is the maple whose red leaves are a sure sign of things to come.

In our area we are blessed with an abundance of azaleas of many hues. When they put on their finery and adorn themselves in glorious color they rival the best-dressed ladies in town. One of the drawbacks of planting azaleas in the past was the fact that they were one-shot wonders. After blooming profusely they sat on the sidelines almost as wallflowers waiting until next year to be beautiful again. Fortunately for us new and better varieties have been developed that bloom more often and make these lovely plants an even better option for garden enthusiasts.

Today, I once again drove out to the country and sat in the sun enjoying the sound of the wind whispering through the pines. Even though my azaleas have only been planted a short time they seem to be loving their spot beneath the tall pines. My transplanted pines look even worse than before, but I’ll give them a little more time to take hold before I give up on them completely. I have learned not to be too quick to throw in the towel on a plant.

Roseland Park Baptist, my home church, has been hosting some amazing gospel singing groups and word is really getting around. Our music minister, Brad Replogle, is into Southern Gospel and has some great connections in that world. I just got word that the Greater Vision concert on April 30 is almost sold out already so my friends and I had to hurry up and get our tickets!

I love all kinds of music so these concerts have really been fun for me, but I will tell you that the good music has only been a part of the uplifting experience. The last two singers at Roseland Park Baptist have shared testimonies of their life experiences. Both shared amazing stories of how their faith has gotten them through some very tough spots.

One of these men battled severe drug addiction which almost cost him everything and the other battled that cancer of the tongue which almost took his career, but they are both now on the other side of their heartaches and telling their stories of how God walked them through these valleys to victory. We all need some good news, and I’m not shy to tell you. Whatever valley you may be walking through today you don’t have to walk alone.

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