Miller: Oh no, not yet again!

Published 10:43 am Tuesday, February 1, 2022

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Mike and I sat in Dr. Denney’s office waiting until our names were called like we were waiting for the guillotine. We knew it was a little silly maybe, but somehow we had anticipated this day with not a little dread. I think mainly because of our first experience we had been putting off our booster shot for a while.

Finally, we talked it out and decided to go ahead with it. Our first COVID-19 shot had been a Johnson and Johnson, and my arm had a little bump in it for about three weeks. Mike, on the other hand, didn’t even have that inconvenience. Our minimal side effects certainly gave us no reason to dread getting a booster, but it was the news that came out the day after.

The headlines had everyone buzzing, and fear reared its ugly head in my heart when I found out that some had experienced potentially dangerous side effects. I read everything I could find out about it and was relieved to hear that after the first 21 days the risk dropped exponentially.

Those first 21 mornings when I opened these peepers I thanked God for waking me up! Of course, everything turned out just fine, and thanking God is a great way to start any day, but these events left me a little hesitant about getting my booster shot.

When I worked up my courage, I planned on getting the same kind since I had no ill effects with the first one. I had talked myself into the next jab when the news came out that it was better to go with one of the other boosters.

This bit of news shouldn’t have been a really big deal, but for some reason it was to me. I guess it felt a little like deja vu and caused me to feel rather uncertain and stressed. So … I waited a while longer, but this didn’t really relieve my anxieties. I think the longer I waited the more uneasy I felt.

Our names were called, and we walked to the patient room where I jumped ahead of Mike. I didn’t want to think about it a moment longer so I took the first shot. I have to be honest. I could barely even feel it. No side effects at all the first day, but on the second day I experienced a pretty sore arm. By the third day it was feeling better, and now a few days later I’m feeling great!

The main thing I wanted to share is the relief I feel at not letting fear get the best of me. Now, I feel confident that I have done what is recommended to keep myself healthy. With this knowledge I definitely feel more relaxed and happy. The last little while has been a tough time for everyone, but for the most part I think we are all chugging along doing the best we can.

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