Miller: Give a little bit away

Published 11:16 am Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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My computer screen is cold to my touch this morning, but my heart is oh so warm. On this chilly day I’ve completed the task I started a couple of days ago, and I’m feeling loved. In my quest to organize and give some things away I found my misplaced box of cards and have been sporadically reading the lovely Mother’s Day and birthday cards I’ve saved for many years.

The handwriting has changed from childish scribbling and carefully drawn hearts to careful script offering gifts of friendship and love from my adult children. Then my sweet grandchildren’s cards were added to the mix. Some were funny; some were sweet and sentimental; but they were all a beautiful expressions of caring.

So today, my heart feels fairly bursting with love, and I have plenty to give away. Every kind and thoughtful word, especially the hand written ones, on each card gave me such joy. With the world seeming out of kilter and things changing so quickly I needed to hear all those wonderful life-giving words.

I’m glad that I’m the sentimental kind and save things that make me happy. The sweet words lifted right off the pages and settled into my heart encouraging me to remember how important words and acts of kindness really are. If we all wear a mask, how do others even know what we need?

This week I saw a post on Facebook that touched me. It was really gut-wrenching to watch the live feed from a fellow that let whoever would listen hear about his discouragement. He just put it out there that things were bad at his business, and he was not getting enough customers to meet the bills coming in. He didn’t ask for money or for people to come in; he simply stated his goals in life and why he was working so hard. When he said he wanted a better life for his children I believed him. When he said he was having a hard time I believed that too.

I had never been to his establishment before, but wanted to check out his business and give him some encouragement. Apparently many, many people felt the same. His post this morning was full of gratitude to all who reached out to him in any way, and he seemed to be ready to take on the world. He didn’t let pride stand in his way; he was transparent enough for folks to see his need and his joy at their response.

There are people everywhere who need a smile, a touch, or a word of encouragement, but so many hold tightly to their pain keeping it in the dark recesses where the light can’t shine. No one person has it all together, and we all need that gentle touch. We all need to feel the love so we have a little extra to give away.

“This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you” (John 15:12 KJV).

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