Temples elected city prosecutor, tax renewal fails

Published 8:33 am Monday, November 15, 2021

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Trent Temples was elected city of Bogalusa prosecutor Saturday, according to unofficial election results from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office.

Temples, an independent, earned 639 votes (60 percent), and “Tina” Ratliff, a Democrat, earned 420 votes (40 percent). Turnout was 16 percent.

In another vote pertaining to the city of Bogalusa, a 10-year renewal of an existing 5-mill property tax failed. According to the full language on the Secretary of State’s website, the 5 mills would “be used for paying the costs of garbage disposal, with any remaining proceeds to be expended for paying any lawful corporate expenses of the city.”

A total of 606 votes (59 percent) were cast for “no,” and 429 votes (41 percent) were cast for “yes.”

Statewide, there were four constitutional amendments on the ballot, and only one of them passed.

Amendment No. 2, which would lower the maximum allowed rate of income tax and allow providing a deduction for federal income taxes, passed with 54 percent of the vote.

Each of the other four amendments failed. Amendment No. 1, which would have authorized streamlined electronic filing, remittance, and collection of sales and use tax, failed with 52 percent voting against it. Amendment No. 3, which would have allowed certain levee districts to levy an annual tax for certain purposes, failed with 58 percent voting against it. Amendment No. 4, which would have increased the amount of allowed reduction to certain dedicated funds when a budget deficit is projected, failed with 72 percent voting against it.

Among Washington Parish voters alone, none of the four amendments received majority approval. All four had at least 60 percent of the vote against.