Miller: Getting back to normal

Published 1:43 pm Tuesday, November 2, 2021

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What awesome weather for trick or treaters to enjoy, I thought, as I dutifully sat near my front stoop adorned in my orange outfit chosen specifically for the occasion. I didn’t know how many kiddies to expect especially since there were so many wonderful events planned for children and their families this year.

The air chilled as I sat with not one little gremlin or princess in sight. Just when I thought it might be a no go on the kiddies a flatbed truck with a bunch of littles in all sorts of precious costumes stopped by for a treat.

Next, came a golf cart with the cutest little dinosaur. He must have been about 4 and was absolutely a doll! Then I got a real fright! A little fellow came wearing a police costume that looked so real I thought I might be arrested! The chorus of thank yous from all the sweet little voices some shy, some boisterous, touched my grandma heart. The faces of the children seemed to glow with delight and caused me to pause a moment and remember what joy we can find in the simple things of life. There is so much beauty if we only look.

Sitting out watching the day turn into evening I noticed a couple of bats fly around chasing mosquitoes, and I thought once again about the bat house at the cottage I visited in Bay St. Louis, Miss. Maybe this week I’ll try to find one online. I am hooked and now realize how cool it is to think of something I need or want, punch a few keys on my computer, and soon said object magically appears. The only problem is the magic fades when the bill comes!

I think I’m the only close neighbor giving out candy, or so it seems. No lights flicker at most of the houses around me, but I still sit and watch a moth fly across my computer screen as I drink in the sights and sounds of the evening. With the sun’s last rays long gone I decide the time has come to retreat to the warmth of my living room, but the doorbell still rings occasionally with other little darlings coming for a treat.

The kiddos from next door come by, and I load them up with candy. They were precious, as usual, with their sweet mom looking awesome in her costume while dad was dressed appropriately as the chauffeur. Their little boy came on in to have a look around while we were at the door. He is about 2 and the cutest little guy!

Maybe next year my friend, Sandy, will host a costume party for Golden Quill the way she has done for so many years in the past. Who says the kids are the only ones who love to dress up? Sandy, Are we on for next year? I’ll be figuring out my costume so I hope it’s a yes!


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