Miller: Forever home, again

Published 1:03 pm Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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I don’t suppose that many waited with baited breath to hear what the song lyrics of Horse With No Name actually meant, but I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I wondered if this song alluded to drug use and would let you guys know what I found out. After a little research I realize that quite a few people shared my initial thoughts, which were totally wrong.

The band, America, consisted of three U.S. Air Force brats who met in the U.K., formed a band, and scored big. Their fathers were stationed at an Air Force base in West Ruislip, just outside of London. The guitarist and a singer in the band, Dewey Bunnell, wrote Horse With No Name with no thoughts of promoting or even suggesting anything about drug use. He had spent time in the desert and was a big nature fan. After living in England with all the drippy days he thought about how good it would feel to be out of the rain, thus the lyrics.

How interesting and telling, actually, that so many people judged the song and its writer without looking into the facts. The old adage, don’t judge a book by its cover, comes to mind or in this case, a song.

The hum of the air conditioner reminds me of how hard it’s working to keep up with the August heat, and gorgeous sunshine spills over the windowsill into my sitting room filling me with a warm feeling of contentment. I realize as I write these words that God has once again answered my prayers.

Mike and I bought property to build a home in the country, but decided to wait when we saw the price tag for a new house these days. I have never been particularly good at waiting and have been praying about having a good attitude during this in between time. When I noticed that warm, happy feeling creeping through my bones I had to smile. Contentment cannot be manufactured, but as I sat looking at my computer screen with trusty Missy sleeping on the rug beside me, I realized that I had prayed for a contented heart, and here it was.

This has been a tough week for our community as many mourn the loss of friends and loved ones. I lost my sister at a very young age, and this experience left me with a tender heart toward those who grieve. I was fortunate to have the pleasure of knowing two of the ones who passed this week and can see in my minds eye both of their smiling faces.

When I was away I longed for home, and am so glad to be back in Mississippi, but there is another home with no tears or loss. There is a home with no goodbyes and no heartache. I’m ever so glad that people who follow Jesus never really die, they just move on to their forever home.

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