State rep approves of Amendment No. 1

Published 1:24 pm Friday, October 30, 2020

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Dear Editor,

This election season I am voting yes to Amendment No. 1, also called the Love Life Amendment. If passed, Amendment No. 1 will add the following language to the Louisiana constitution: “To protect human life, nothing in this constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.”

We are blessed in Louisiana that protecting babies from the violence of abortion is not a partisan issue. In fact, the Louisiana House and Louisiana Senate overwhelmingly approved placing this amendment on the ballot during the 2019 legislative session, and Gov. John Bel Edwards concurred.

Amendment No. 1 will not ban abortion in our state. It will not impact commonly debated abortion exceptions, like rape, incest, or life of the mother, nor will it impact naturally occurring miscarriages. It prevents taxpayer health care dollars from paying for elective abortions. Simply, Amendment No. 1 will put the policy making on abortion in the power of the state legislature and take it away from judges.

Please join me by voting yes to Amendment No. 1 on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

State Rep. Malinda White