The new kids in town

Published 2:20 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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Location, location, location! Those words are well known in the real estate world as a key factor in either the sale or purchase of property. In the case of our recent relocation to Newport, Tenn., I would have to say that we hit the jackpot!

Not only is Newport a beauty in her own right, with rocky cliffs lining the river downtown and mountains everywhere you look, but she is extremely close to so many other lovely and fun filled destinations that I feel the location is perfect. My friends and family are lining up for visits, and the Miller bed and breakfast is almost booked for the month of October!

I love having company, and feel so excited to see my friends and family from home. I’m not kidding about the bed and breakfast thing, though. We will be rambling the countryside so the only meal I’ll be cooking is breakfast, if that!

Another important thing that has to do with location is … the neighbors. We all know that those folks within close proximity to our homes can make or break our feelings about even the most gorgeous neighborhood. Well, we couldn’t be more blessed than we are in that department, either.

Even though I left behind a wonderful group of neighbors that totally lived up to Mississippi’s designation as “the hospitality state,” I believe their Tennessee counterparts are giving them a run for the money in that department. So far I’ve met almost all of my close neighbors, and they have been so genuine and friendly that we already feel a part of our neighborhood.

The only rough part of having such awesome people close by is that my diet has gone a little awry! We have been gifted with both a wonderful homemade pie and brownies. I know I could have let Mike and Manny enjoy them and not indulged, but what’s the fun in that?

To add to my excitement of getting settled in somewhat is my latest encounter at “Wallyworld.” I know you must be thinking … you mean this girl can get excited at Wal-Mart? Well, you know, I actually can!

Mike and I strolled around picking up items we needed for the pantry when it happened. We ran into a fellow who gave us a friendly wave! At first I thought they must have mistaken us for someone else, but it was Larry, our neighborhood pie baker. We thought it was great running into someone we knew, and felt so happy to realize that before long we would have many new acquaintances, soon to be friends. But wonder of wonders, would the fun never stop?

Right there between the eggs and milk we ran into yet more friendly faces! This time we stopped for a chat with Brandon, Kassie, and Liam. I know I’m writing this tongue in cheek, but we are so happy to have relocated to this friendly place. You never know how much this means until you’re the new kids in town.

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