Drew Brees is wrong, kneeling was never about the military

Published 3:53 am Saturday, June 13, 2020

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Dear Editor,

My father, uncle, father-in-law and A.Z. Young, one of the most iconic leaders in Washington Parish, risked their life for the U.S. Constitution that was written without even considering them as human beings (superior mental development, with power of articulate speech and upright stance), until many Americans lost their lives to change it, to protect the First Amendment right to protest. Even then, my father, and all these men, returned to Bogalusa greeted by segregation.

All these men, who fought for your freedom, Drew Brees, had to navigate racial violence in Bogalusa, as civil rights protesters were beaten by many who stood for the American flag.

All of these men are patriots that stood up and risked their life for the American flag, so Americans can kneel down in protest when it’s raised. Are you saying they disrespect it? Each one loved this country that seldom loved them.

My father, and these men mentioned, fought for victory abroad and victory at home. They won victory over fascism abroad, but were still fighting racism at home when they returned. Drew Brees, my uncle cheered for you every Sunday before he passed away. I hope you cheer for him, because he can’t take a knee for the flag he nearly died for.

The demonstrations that have been taking place have nothing to do with the military. To combat injustices and police brutality, I will take a knee for all these men mentioned.


Kirk B. Hill

Orlando, Fla. (formerly of Bogalusa)