Lucky to live here, even in bad times

Published 4:33 am Saturday, May 16, 2020

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I own a home in Bogalusa and spent five weeks quarantined. I could not be in a better place. I am writing another book, and while writing, I wrote these thoughts of my hometown.

We are lucky to live in such a special place. The pandemic taught us to slow down, get back in touch with our thoughts, our friends and family and take care of ourselves and our neighbors. Bogalusa has a history of looking out for one another. We got some ugly in our past but we have a great deal of good. During the mill strike in the 1960s a lot of folks got hungry when the strike went on longer than expected. Notably, three families stepped up and fed the hungry. The Genco, Scianna and Penton families shared their blessings and no one went hungry on their watch. Long after the strike these families continued to help their neighbors. It is in the planning stages, but a small memorial will be placed on Louisiana Avenue in the little park commemorating their efforts.

The little food boxes around town and the efforts of the food pantry on Third Street and the churches show we remain a caring town. We still have issues, but what place in America does not?

It is the people which makes our home so special, There will always be problems but we can handle it and go on and be better.

We will be rested and eager to make our home the best it can be. A renewal is right around the corner if we so desire.

Ardie Cesario