Readers, this virus crisis shall also pass

Published 3:59 am Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dear Editor,

For whatever my praise is worth, let me commend our local leaders, both in government and churches, for the leadership they have quickly given us during this present coronavirus crisis.

In the grueling days, weeks, and months after Katrina, it was remarked that it had brought out the BEST in most of our people, with the postscript that in a few, human greed (the WORST) had promptly surfaced. I believe that in the present ordeal, it is essential that each of us allow his or her better instincts to prevail.

Those of us who are on the twilight side of the hill can easily quarantine or isolate ourselves, but please keep in mind that we have some overwhelmingly necessary providers or first responders, such as health care and police, who can’t isolate themselves — they must interact every moment to do their jobs. So, for goodness sakes, let’s try to cooperate, support them, and be patient.

Also, hoarding food and other necessities is inappropriate. Our American merchandisers are the most innovative people in the world, and they’ll get food and other necessities to us; and it might do us all good to briefly do without some of the things we actually don’t need.

Let’s pull together. We survived two world wars that way, and this, too, shall pass.


John N. Gallaspy