Reader learns about new phone scam

Published 3:40 am Saturday, July 27, 2019

Dear Editor,

I would like to offer this warning about a scam I recently encountered. Please tell your elderly relatives, everyone!

I had a call at work today from an 800 number. They proceeded to tell me they were with Entergy and I hadn’t paid my bill in two months. I knew I had, but immediately pulled up my account online to check my balance.

I told them I was looking at my account and it was current, with confirmation numbers. They told me it can take up to two months for Entergy to post payments, which I knew was not so. They told me that if I paid over the phone they could keep my service from being disconnected and me from being locked out of my account.

I told them I would check the Entergy number that I had and check their current info on my account. I called Entergy and they pulled up my account, which showed a zero balance.

The customer service rep also confirmed my belief in saying it was a scam!

Kim Lively