Where are the IP city taxes going?

Published 3:59 am Saturday, May 25, 2019

Dear Bogalusa, this “simple” task can make sure this city survives the next generation.

We are facing a crisis in Bogalusa more urgent than any other than city in America. That crisis is our crumbling and badly managed city infrastructure and a school system that is failing you and our children. Some may call me an outsider, but I don’t expect many people in Bogalusa that will. They know their city is falling apart. Where are the tax dollars that International Paper (IP) is paying the city of Bogalusa going? In other words, what are the tax dollars being used for? I am a shareholder of IP.

Bogalusa should control more of its destiny on infrastructure funding, and a better school system with responsibilities to the citizens. Here’s my take, and it’s a pretty simple one.

Where are the tax dollars, and who is responsible for spending these funds and what are the dollars used for?

If you have a multi-billion dollar company sitting in your city, find the tax dollars they’re paying and fix the streets and the school system.

I had a chance to visit Bogalusa High School, the fieldhouse, the track and stadium, and I cried inside. This visit was not something that my mind could comprehend.

The city workers of Bogalusa do very important work and some of the tax dollars could be used for their pension. In order for a city to be sustainable, it must have tax dollars.

Bogalusa deserves and need all the taxes IP is paying the city of Bogalusa.

I’ve got the city of Bogalusa on my heart, and I want to see it thrive for the “Next Generation.” Can someone in the city of Bogalusa tell me, where are the tax dollars going? If someone acts now, the city will take a big step in the correct direction.


Kirk Blair Hill

Southern University, retired engineer and investor

Oveido, Fla. (Bogalusa native)