Congratulations to ESM’s Rev. Moon

Published 4:17 am Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Daily News joins the rest of the community in congratulating ESM United Methodist Church pastor, the Rev. Bill Moon, on being named the 2018 Bogalusa Citizen of the Year.

Past Citizens of the Year voted on reader-submitted nominations Monday, and Moon was the winner. A public ceremony will be announced soon to celebrate Moon’s accomplishment.

Some of his noteworthy achievements include starting the Widow’s Garden, hosting a drive-through nativity during Christmas, and serving as a Rotary Club member and past president.

This honor is extra noteworthy, because Moon has only been living in Bogalusa for a little less than five years. He has obviously impressed many and accomplished a lot in that short time, as he was not only named Citizen of the Year, but also received an honorary proclamation from the Bogalusa City Council on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Moon will be retiring soon and moving away from Bogalusa, but his mark on this community will always be remembered.

Congratulations to Moon and we hope you enjoy your future retirement.