Carrying cross was compelling sight

Published 4:17 am Saturday, April 27, 2019

Chances are that many of us were just finishing up our work week on the afternoon of Good Friday, April 19, and were likely annoyed by the sight of drizzling rain that was beginning to start.

But even as the raindrops started falling, a group of dozens of members from various local churches didn’t let the weather spoil their plan. Their plan, which was going to take place no matter rain or shine, was to carry three wooden crosses from different churches to Cassidy Park for a worship service.

It was truly a compelling sign and symbol of Jesus Christ’s passion, in which he was forced to carry his own cross to the crucifixion site at Calvary. Participating churches included Memorial Baptist Church, Lee’s Creek Baptist Church, Monroe Street Baptist Church, Main Street Baptist Church and Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.

We understand that not everyone in Washington Parish is a Christian, but we also believe that such a visible display of devotion to faith is something that is impressive no matter what you may believe.

Well done to those who participated in the carrying of the cross, and we know that their actions brought a little extra significance to the Easter season for many.