Loss isn’t ‘defeat’

Published 4:29 am Saturday, November 10, 2018

Last Sunday morning, the LSU football team woke after being beaten 29-0 by Alabama. Although they lost a hard fought game they got up and immediately began to prepare for their next opponent.

Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections before his first win, but he was never “defeated.”

Those who gave of themselves and ran for public office but did not get the votes necessary to win are definitely not losers, but rather they are winners in their own right. They put the effort out there and just fell a bit short. We are better for their efforts.

We in Bogalusa need the talent of these leaders to continue to be involved if we are to live up to our potential.

They presented great spirited ideas, which hopefully will take root and come to fruition.

Failure is not falling down … it is staying down.

Our future will be bright if those who ran and did not win today stay and keep up the good fight. And in that case … we all win.

Ardie Cesario

Shreveport (Bogalusa native)