Your vote counts

Published 4:24 am Saturday, November 3, 2018

As the election is quickly approaching, be sure to know who you want to be in a leadership role.

The person that is voted in should have their priorities set high to lead Bogalusa in the right direction. Make sure you read all the amendments — they clearly state what they are for. Taxes, whether new or old, should be thought out carefully before you cast that vote.

Pay attention to the retirement/pension plan, as in the end someone is going to pay for it in the long run. Changes are needed for the city of Bogalusa to survive. All the problems the city has faced in the past will still be a problem if not corrected after this election.

Accountability of city credit card spending and open accounts need proper documentation, regardless of who is in charge. Proper procedures must be in place to curtail wasteful spending and fraud. Open public meetings should be a place to address comments and complaints, instead of being a grudge match between both parties. By working together on both sides, great ideas can come out of these meetings.

The residents of Bogalusa have a choice on which way or direction the city will go during this election. You know who all the candidates are on this ballot, so choose wisely.

Make your voice heard loud and clear by going to the polls and casting your vote during this important election. Voting works, so make yours count.

Daniel Mizell