End ‘plastic pollution’ this Earth Day

Published 4:07 am Saturday, April 21, 2018

It is Earth Day weekend, and Earth Day Network is asking you to join the fight to “End Plastic Pollution.”

The group says that plastics are some of are the most commonly littered items in the world, and they are drowning our planet. Since plastic was invented in 1907, these products have proven to have damaging consequences for human health, natural ecosystems, and the climate. According to the New York Times, plastics are said to leave an immense footprint that humanity leaves on the Earth.

If the trends continue, it is estimated that the earth will have 13.2 billion tons of plastic waste in landfills by 2050.

Marine organisms, in particular, can’t distinguish common plastic items from food, so we have to help them out by not throwing plastic away. We encourage you to recycle instead!

We at The Daily News urge all of you to live a “zero waste” life. We urge to be constantly aware of what you are doing to the animals that must share this planet, to the planet itself, and to the climate we all share.

We also urge you to make Earth Day every day, and not just one day a year.