Everyone benefits from ‘Cleanest City’

Published 4:51 am Saturday, April 7, 2018

We at the Daily News would like to congratulate and thank everybody who took part in Bogalusa’s Cleanest City project. As Mayor Perrette has said, “whether we win or lose, we’re already winners.”

We have all benefitted from the clean up and beautification. And it’s not only a one- time thing because there was education involved. We have taught our children to be better stewards of this planet. We are sure that we have reminded some elders, too.

We hope all of you take pride in what you have done, even if it was simply picking up one piece of litter, even it was just teaching your own children not to just throw their trash on the ground.

As the dominant species on Earth, we owe it to every blade of grass and to every kitten, puppy, or chick to be aware of our impact. We must all, and most especially the children, take care of our planet. So, like the old song says, teach your children well.