Take the time to enjoy the coming spring

Published 4:18 am Saturday, March 3, 2018

It’s March, and the first day of spring falls in this month. We made it through the long unseasonably cold, hot, and wet winter. Shortly the honeysuckle, wisteria, and gardenias will blossom. We at The Daily News advise you to breathe their fragrances in deeply. You deserve it, with the crazy weather we’ve all had lately.

Revel in the springtime this year! Bloom with the flowers! Take on their fragrances. Listen to the songs of the birds and the sounds of baby squirrels chattering. Take notice of the butterflies. Revel in the new life of plants as well as animals, and animals as well as plants. And if a rain shower should fall, take it as a sure sign that you are growing.

Be conscious that it is springtime. Be there. And realize that springtime is a harbinger of sweet summertime, when you and the world are warm and cozy. Now relax, you won’t slide on any more snow for at least a few months.