Attention to gifts make them special

Published 4:45 am Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Daily News would like to urge you only to give only heartfelt Christmas gifts this year. If you know some people on your list who have particular passions, do some research on them, and get them something they would really like, such as the latest gadget or a book containing the latest information on their subject.

If your mother likes to sew, and doesn’t care at all about the latest technological advance, get her some fabric or some patterns that go along with her character — not the latest version of a smartphone. If your father watches football all weekend long, get him some more channels to watch, not a book about golfing.

And if your daughter is interested in growing things like vegetables and herbs, let her know you’re paying attention by getting her some seeds and a planting guide. Or let your son know you’re paying attention to him and his passion for astrophysics by getting him an astrolabe or a star chart.

And if that guy at the office whose name you pulled is a classic car or a classic music fanatic, don’t get him something new. Get him something classic.