Take advantage of those ‘snow days’

Published 4:27 am Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Daily News hopes you all drove carefully if you had to go out in the recent snowy, icy weather. We Louisianans are not used driving under such conditions, and we had to take care not to harm ourselves or others.

But we also hope you took time to play in the snow. We hope you took full advantage of the rare occasion to have a genuine snowball fight, and got your cohorts at work to join in. Or we hope you got on your back and waved your arms and legs to make a snow angel. We hope you made a snowman. It doesn’t matter how small it was.

We hope you take advantage of all your opportunities. If it rains, dance in the rain. If there is a meteor shower, stay up to watch it. If the Saints have a game on a Thursday night, again, stay up and watch it.

If we don’t take advantage, we waste the opportunities. It’s like we never got them. And how would you feel if you never had an opportunity to play, or to marvel at the glories of this life? We believe that it’s akin to magic, and we all need a little magic in our lives.