Savor your blessings, don’t count them

Published 4:39 am Saturday, November 18, 2017

The week that all of America celebrates its thankfulness is at hand. The Daily News advises you not to count your blessings. That’s too linear, and what would you do if you found out somebody had more then you? Instead, savor your blessings. Feel them fully, and share what they offer you.

When you share your wealth of whatever kind, it comes back to you. Savor your loved ones, your friends and your family. And while you are at it, savor yourself!

Be thankful for the splash of color in a sunrise, and get up early to experience one.

Be thankful for the black night sky sprinkled with stars, and go outside to get the experience.

Notice and be thankful for a cool breeze, even if it is from a fan. Be thankful that you have that fan. Be thankful for your pets that give you comfort or make you smile. They are representatives of unconditional love. And they love you!

And, most of all, be thankful that you can be thankful. Breathe it in and radiate it to all around you.

We at the Daily News would also like to express our thanks to you. Thank you all.