Pitch in to help our schools

Published 4:36 am Saturday, November 11, 2017

To the City of Bogalusa, former graduates of the Bogalusa City School System, faculty, and staff that I had the pleasure of working with — I greet you with a heavy heart, but with a mind to say something I have wanted to say for months.

I grew up in Bogalusa, and was blessed to receive my basic education here. I have always been proud to say that Bogalusa has some of the finest schools in the country. It has produced lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, principals, nurses, ministers, pharmacists, great mothers and fathers, and the list goes on and on. It took hard work, yes, it did.

Should we give up on what it has taken years to build? Should we allow misunderstandings to come between us and block our vision of the future of the Bogalusa City School System?

I thought that our city was established on Christian principles that would cause us to forgive one another, discuss our problems, and come together on one accord.

I pray that I can live to see the day that this system will become stronger than ever.

My God and man forgive me if I have ever made a decision that has caused it to become weak. All of us should search our hearts and minds and come up with ways that can help to bring the Bogalusa City School System’s pride back. If it has played a part in getting you where you are in life, you need to give back with your sincere support in any way possible.

All of us should be brought to tears when we think of the many contributions we could have made, and have not made. It is not too late. Start today in your own way with the help of God, and do something. Our families, churches, this school system and our precious children are counting on us to unite.

Yes, a lot of things that go on in our world make us angry or upset, and should, but we must learn to change anger into positive actions, insanity into insight, madness into gladness, and rage into compassion. I understand your hidden pain, but problems don’t disappear! They remain parked outside your door until we go through them. When we realize beneath the pain there may be a promise, new hope is born. A blessing can grow out of grief. A lesson can be learned that could not be learned anywhere else.

Remember, evil flourishes when good men do nothing.


Gary C. Magee

Retired principal, Bogalusa High School