Keep safety in mind this Halloween

Published 4:24 am Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Daily News wishes you all a happy Halloween followed by a happy All Saints Day.

There is the potential of danger out on the streets for young Trick or Treaters, so we advise that you to talk to your children before they go out. Please tell the older ones never to go off with anyone they don’t anybody they don’t know.

And please, don’t take the younger ones to anyone’s house you don’t know well enough to determine that what they offer is safe for your kids to eat.

There is also potential danger when children wear costumes they are not used to wearing. Mask eye-holes can be too small, and kids could trip and fall over, which is especially risky if they happen to be crossing a street when they fall. Let them try them on to get used to them ahead of time.

But we also suggest that you don’t ruin the magic of the day of costuming and freely dispensed treats. Do you remember how that feels? What was your favorite costume, and how did you feel when you wore it?

Let your young ones make memories, too. But keep them safe in the process.