It’s the beginning of fair season again!

Published 4:32 am Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Washington Parish Free Fair flag was hoisted at the Bogalusa City Hall yesterday. That means it’s officially fair time! It’s a time of fun outdoors activities, and of coming across just about everybody you know at the fairgrounds.

Whether your favorite part of the fair is seeing the livestock, petting the small animals, checking out who won the various competitions, dancing to the music on the main stage or Down by the Branch, or simply watching the young ones in your family have an extraordinary time, the fair is just around the corner. The dates this year are Oct. 18 through 21.

The Daily News wishes you a carefree, childlike experience at this, the 106th annual Washington Parish Fair. Eat some kettle corn or cotton candy, besides whatever dish is your traditional fair fare. And head to the fairgrounds early, it’s the presumed largest parish or county fair in the country, and the crowds are growing.

Have fun at the fair! Get dirty. Go to the Rodeo or Better Baby competition. Go for rides on the midway. Relax under the trees by the branch. And make some more happy memories.