Work to show support for Irma victims

Published 4:36 am Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma is now barreling down on Florida, and Hurricane Harvey recently devastated Texas. The Daily News wishes the residents of Florida well. We hope they are as prepared as they can possibly be for the high winds, the flooding rains, and the storm surge. And we wish all of the victims in Texas a speedy recovery, with hearts full of hope and love.

Hurricane Irma looks like it is going to hit Florida hard, and clear a swath through that now beautiful state, much as Hurricane Harvey did to beautiful Texas.

All those of us who lived through Hurricane Katrina know what they are going through, or will be going through. We especially remember the kindness of neighboring residents and of total strangers.

And that is the bright spot in all of this. Human beings are, basically, caring and empathetic. We ask that you do what you are able for the hurricane victims, and do it with love in your hearts.