We should celebrate workers everyday

Published 4:13 am Saturday, September 2, 2017

As Labor Day approaches, the Daily News suggests that we all recognize and honor the laborers more regularly than one day a year. Where would we be without the workforce? It takes everyone from plumbers and police, to air conditioner repairmen, waitresses, cooks, football coaches, politicians, and even reporters, editors, and ad reps to make this world go round as we are accustomed. And we believe everyone naturally does the best he or she can do, so let’s give everybody the respect they deserve.

Most would rather not have to work for a living. They would rather be happily at ease and independently wealthy. But that is not the way our predecessors worked this life out for most of us. What were they thinking? So most of us have to work and get paid money for our hours of toil. Why don’t we just share everything? Are humans just naturally too competitive for the greater good?

Please join us in celebrating the laborers — the mail carriers, electricians, maids, hair stylists, garbage collectors, factory workers, and firefighters not just on Labor Day, but every day. The labor force moves the world!