Look for the beauty in life

Published 4:14 am Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My stint at the B&B has once more come to an end. My friend, Janice, will be home from China tomorrow. While she experiences life around the globe I experience the world from the eyes of my guests. I would also one day love to be a globetrotter, but for now this suits me.

It feels nice to sit at my favorite haunt knowing there is nothing pressing for me to do. The ordinary days of life fill my heart with a quiet restful joy. The routine of going the same old places and doing the same old things as well as a little adventure from time to time make life interesting and full.

My writing will be richer for the people I have met. They become part of my treasure trove of memories to draw from. When I return home to my friends and family in the Deep South I’ll ponder the many experiences of my working vacation and weave a tale or two.

In these days of political unrest and downright hatefulness I purposely keep my eyes on the good I see in the people I meet. In fact, my guests from London and I talked about this very thing over breakfast one morning.

The sleepy couple followed their noses to the kitchen where I was busily preparing breakfast. As we sipped on coffee, and I finished my fare for the day somehow our conversation turned to politics. Quickly, we discovered that although we really weren’t on the same page politically our hearts were joined in disgust and heartbreak over the ridiculous behavior of some people on the fringes. No matter our political persuasion we can all behave in a respectful manner, and many are not.

We agreed that the only recourse of not only America and England, but also the world at large is to celebrate the beauty of each God given day. Good men and women denounce evil in all forms, but look for common ground with others. I won’t get on my soapbox, but I will say that a return to decency and common sense is way overdue in my opinion.

In meeting people from France, Canada, India, England, and all over the United States over the last three weeks I did not meet a person that I didn’t like. There were Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Agnostics, and perhaps a Muslim although I’m not absolutely sure of that. This very small microcosm is proof positive that there are so many good people who only want to live their lives the best they can. We can all respect one another even if we don’t agree on things.

The outpouring of help for those devastated by Hurricane Harvey is a great example of the goodness of people. I will not be swayed by the harmful rhetoric permeating the airwaves these days. Instead, I’ll look for the beauty in the people around me; it’s not so very hard to find.

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.