Choose positive thoughts

Published 4:53 am Friday, October 27, 2017

I get daily positive reminders daily from Mary Morrissey, a best selling author, life coach and motivational speaker. They are generally short, but always powerful.

This is my paraphrase of a recent one: Crowding out inferior thought with superior thought is powerful, and we all should get into the habit.

Morrissey said that superior thought has a much higher frequency to it that you will feel in your body. She also said when you’re having a superior thought, you’ll feel all of your muscles relax “as you lean into and open up to your connection with the Truth.”

When we think of what we dislike, or what makes us overcome with anxiety, that is what we will see. But you have the power to look for the good, instead. And you can train yourself to do that. Then you will only see and experience the good in life. Start it now.

Only you can choose your thoughts. For daily positive reminders, look Morrissey up online! I like her. She regularly makes me feel good, and I believe that we are what we think. But I know that’s sometimes hard when money worries or worries about our children come through. I believe, that as humans, we are conditioned to worry because somebody got it wrong a very long time ago. And I hope you will condition your kids otherwise.

Let them know they have control of their peace and happiness. Don’t let them buy into the dominant paradigm of need and want and unhappiness. Instead, encourage them to be relaxed and happy in life. Encourage them to play, to dance, and to love everybody and everything!

And model that behavior as best you can. Our children learn by watching how we react to different situations. Let’s save ourselves while we change the future of mankind. We can do this! And what a great blessing it will be for future generations, starting with our own kids or our own grandkids. We will give them the freedom to simply be, like the trees, and the whales, and the starry night sky.

They can be always filled with presence and they can make the switch to the natural way, what Morrissey calls “the Truth.” They can actually learn to “Be Here Now,” as Ram Dass encouraged in his book by that name. Our children and our children’s children can do it! We mustn’t let them down.

Marcelle Hanemann is a reporter for The Daily News. You can email her at or call her at 985-732-2565, ext. 301.