Enjoy the eclipse, but do it in a safe way

Published 4:29 am Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Daily News would like to remind everybody about the total solar eclipse on Monday. It should start here around noon and extend until about 3 p.m.

We would also like to remind people to never look directly into the sun, even when it’s in eclipse. If you are tempted to take a quick peek, don’t do it. You could do permanent damage to your eyes if you do.
But don’t miss the opportunity that this celestial event brings. It’s a rare occurrence, and one that can happen only when the moon is in its new moon phase.

During the eclipse, we suggest that you imagine how the animals feel, and how our own ancestors felt before they understood before they knew the moon is only casting a shadow. Try to sense the difference while the sun is in eclipse. Feel it fully. And imagine how it was, before technology was not as prominent as it is today.

We believe technology is a toss-up. Yes, we can live longer, but can we sleep at night?

Let technology win the day on Monday. Get some truly safe eclipse glasses, and have a great, well-rounded experience.