Prepare kids mentally for school return

Published 4:25 am Saturday, July 29, 2017

As the summer winds down and hurricane season hits it’s peak, the Daily News wants to remind local residents to be prepared for high winds and to get any children in your homes prepared for the new school year. The latter doesn’t only include getting the appropriate school supply list and then getting the supplies. It’s also about getting the kids’ minds and spirits ready for the more structured days in the classroom.

We believe that all children should love themselves, feel secure, and be confident. We believe that constantly telling children their shortcomings, pointing out their mistakes, or calling them “bad” cannot do them any good. We suggest that instead parents and others look for any reason to praise a child, so he or she will feel good about his or herself. And you don’t have to be related to praise a child, and to add something positive to its development. If you see a child, praise the child.

We all need to feel we are worthy, and we believe that should start in childhood. Healthy communities are filled with happy people who feel good about themselves. Let’s do all we can to make this a healthy community.