A child’s words can touch you

Published 4:46 am Friday, July 21, 2017

This week I would like to share something my daughter, Brook, recently posted on Facebook about a conversation she and her daughter, Izzy, shared. I absolutely love it, and because it’s positive, here goes. The words in capital letters are as Brook posted them.

“The practice of gratitude and my Tousle-headed Miracle:

I’ve been counting blessings and practicing gratitude and am on Day 10 of Rhonda Byrne’s Gratitude book.

So I explained my gratitude homework to Izz…told her how we are helped by people all day every day and that we should try to really look them in the eye and make them FEEL our sincere gratitude. We talked about the folks who crossed our paths today and we collaborated to make a list of 10 people who brought goodness to us today. It was a heart-expanding practice to hear my 4-year old earnestly remember people who helped her and did nice things for her. I told her to imagine the people and imagine sending out sincere THANK YOU prayers to them like she was actually sprinkling them with magic thank you dust. The ensuing dialogue went like this:

Izz: But we can’t sprinkle them with REAL magic dust?

(I was momentarily stumped)

Me: Well. It is hard to explain but it really IS real magic thank you dust. You just have to imagine it in your mind’s eye when you think about being grateful to them.

Izz: But it isn’t real because you can’t see it for real.

Me: But you don’t have to SEE it with your eyes for it to be real. It is like prayer, and like love. They are invisible but they are powerful. Like love…You KNOW mama and daddy and Nanny and Papa LOVE you. Even though it is invisible, you FEEL it and it is SUPER real. Magic thank you sprinkles are the same. They bless people. For REAL.

The child was silent for a moment and then she put her arms around my neck and said ‘Mama. I love you for letting me know.’

That is the moment my heart exploded in magic thank you dust. If magic thank you dust is anything like glitter, this stuff is NEVER going to be totally cleaned up!!”

I just love my girls, and I love the idea of spreading magic thank you dust around! Who else is in?

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