Keep on smilin’

Published 3:59 am Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wow! The kids just kept on coming. I was stringing nametags with yarn and writing the names as fast as I could. My glasses went on for writing the names and came off for stringing the tags. Maybe I’ll try one contact for up close again. I’m sure technology has improved them since the last time I tried. It would be nice not to have to wear cheater glasses. Instead of dwindling the line grew longer snaking around the lobby. Finally, I came up for air and exchanged pleasantries with the parents patiently waiting to sign up their youngsters.

When our pastor asked for volunteers to help with Bible School I stopped by the sign up desk, even though I had given up working with the little ones years ago. If he was calling for extra help, I figured it was the least I could do.

They could have handled the registration desk without my help, but it probably ran a bit smoother with an extra pair of hands. The other workers were about the age of my children and called me Miss Jan. I’m ok with that, but it does tend to make me a little more aware that the years are creeping up a tad.

Things slowed down to a point where there wasn’t anything pressing, and I realized that Hardee’s was right across the street.

“I think I’ll head over to Hardee’s and get a pork chop biscuit. Can I pick up something for you guys?”

The others resisted temptation, but I could hardly wait to sink my teeth into a mouth-watering biscuit. I thought over the day’s events as I waited my turn in line to order. Things could have run a little smoother, but to get that many children registered in such a short time was an event in itself.

Shortly, I reentered the lobby and sat down to enjoy my treat. I savored every delicious morsel as I chatted with the other workers who were also taking a break. As a swallowed the last bite my tongue touched something different.

That’s strange. I feel something rough. Oh no! Part of my tooth is missing!

“Well ladies, if you don’t need me anymore I’m headed to the dentist office. It feels like part of my tooth is missing.”

“Really. Isn’t that something? And you weren’t eating anything hard or anything. We’ll see you tomorrow. Hope you can get in to the dentist today.”

Thankfully, my dentist was able to see me shortly after I arrived. After an examination he realized that a filling had come loose, and it was an easy fix. But then he just had to add, “You know these things happen especially when we get a little older.”

I didn’t answer, but managed to smile as gracefully as possible. Whoever said getting older is not for sissies was right on target!

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