Political chaos?

Published 4:57 am Saturday, July 15, 2017

Barack Obama won the presidency, fair and square, and was reelected on a platform to transform this country to his ideals. Plus, the two Republican candidates in John McCain and Mitt Romney made his triumphs rather easy. President Obama did a great job in setting into place his objective to transform this country. Hillary Clinton, with the presidency practically handed to her, had the simple task to complete the transformation. And then, this country would never again represent the ideals set forth in the Constitution of the United States of America.

In the last election, the American people clearly exerted the powers given them through that Constitution to reject the Democratic Party’s attempt to transform the country. Donald Trump, running as a Republican, ran a brilliant campaign going directly to the American people and scored an overwhelming victory over Hillary Clinton. Perhaps the biggest upset in the history of American politics!

The people have spoken and, more important, proven that the system as spelled out in the Constitution really works. Unfortunately, political egos are the one thing that could not be written into the Constitution. As a result, who could have predicted that Donald Trump’s most fierce opposition would come from the Republican Party?

There is no question as to the absolute mandate that the American voters gave to President Donald Trump and the “so-called” Republican Party. The Republicans, with a win, have managed to turn Washington, D.C., our seat of government, into a modern day version of the “Keystone Kops.” This is like watching a football game between the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats have gotten “ticked off” and are sitting on the sideline. The game is now in the fourth quarter and the Republicans still haven’t figured out how to score a touchdown!

I have lived through the worst that can happen in this country when the system goes awry, and have experienced the best when it has shown that it could correct its faults, as it was conceived by the Founders. With this inter-party power struggle, what I fear now is the total breakdown of the system.

President Donald Trump won this election, fair and square. With no support from the Republican Party, the country starts to look just like another Third World government. It’s starting to look like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may have won, anyway.

Roosevelt Ludd