Don’t get pulled into physical arguments

Published 4:25 am Friday, June 30, 2017

The Daily News encourages everyone, especially in these days of abnormally contentious and violent political unrest, to take a deep breath if you become upset and to know that everything will be OK. Remain calm, and don’t let yourself get lured in to an argument or a physical confrontation. Neither of those would help at all.

And in these times, don’t expect to change anybody’s mind through logic or reason. It’s as though people are passionate with strong, diametrically opposed feelings, and they forget that we’re all human beings just trying to survive with a semblance of happiness. But as human beings, we are all basically selfish, so we want people like ourselves to succeed. We have to be that way to survive our earliest years, but we don’t have to let it continue.

As adults, we should be beyond tantrums and other such drama. We should not care if someone got a bigger piece of cake. We should be happy for them, knowing that our time will come around when it’s best for the whole.

The Daily News urges you to think of this time as a catalyst, a time of remarkable change. And, remember, it could turn out very differently than where it seems headed.