Participate in Bogalusa’s July 4 activities

Published 2:20 am Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Daily News would like to encourage everybody to take part in the local Fourth of July celebrations of our country, its military veterans, and the city of Bogalusa, which was born on that same day.

There will be a lot to do, starting with the American Legion Post 24 parade at 10 a.m., and ending after dark when the last fireworks rain down near the Bogalusa High School stadium.

And that’s not all. After the parade rolls through Cassidy Park, that space will be the scene of all kinds of fun for kids and adults alike. For the adults, there will be at least a couple dozen vendors, and performances by three music groups. For the children, there will be rides, raffles and games. The adults can also get in on the games, like the watermelon seed spitting contest. And there will surely be samples of Washington Parish’s premiere crop, the watermelon, available.

We believe that the Fourth of July should be a family and a community time, and we urge everyone to get out and to take advantage of all of the events.

Have a Happy Bogalusa/Veterans/U.S.A. Day!