Follow your bliss!

Published 4:33 am Friday, June 23, 2017

Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, philosopher, writer, and lecturer, best known for his work in comparative mythology and religion, liked to say: “Follow your bliss.” I like that. I believe we must all do everything we can to be happy. Of course, we must do no harm to others in the process. But I have come to realize that we are meant to be happy, even blissful.

If you like to make music, do it! If you like to dance, do that! If you like to work with numbers, do it!

Do what makes you happy, whatever it is. Do you like taking care of rescued animals? If so, you can follow your bliss by volunteering at a shelter, such as with Magnolia Humane Rescue, which is right here in Washington Parish. Check them out online.

Do you enjoy working your muscles? Or do you like being artistic and creative? If so, get into an occupation that allows you to use your muscles or your creativity, and you will feel fine. If you really take joy in accounting, become an accountant. It’s never too late.

If you can be happy with what earns you a living, and takes at least 40 hours a week of your time, that can be best. But you can be happy with activities not only related to your job. I take great delight in visits from my daughter and her daughter. I love poetry, and I love my sweet, poetic husband.

I love ideas and creating things. I love to dance. I love my dog and my bird. I love feeling my muscles in motion. I love chanting and meditation. I love low-toned gongs and wind chimes. I love practicing yoga, and conscious awareness.

I love being part of a community. I love taking action when there is a need. I get a sense of bliss when I am with my family, and my extended family, which includes all of you! I love sharing love and positivity. I love loving! It makes me feel blissful!

What do you love? That is a very personal question. Think about it for a while. You need to know that before you can take Campbell’s advice to “Follow your bliss.” He left this life in 1987, and I know he followed his bliss. Whenever I saw him, he looked happy.

Now, please excuse me. I have to go follow my bliss!

Marcelle Hanemann is a reporter for The Daily News. You can email her at or call her at 985-732-2565, ext. 301.