Summer is an athlete’s preparation time

Published 5:13 am Friday, June 16, 2017

Throughout the school year, we see our local athletes performing at a high level in the various sports that take place during the school year.

With school out for the summer, athletes have more time to work on the sport or sports they play.

There are different ways to improve.

It’s about getting ready for the upcoming season and strengthening the strong parts of your game and improving the weaknesses.

Competition allows new players to gain in-game experience and helps teammates get used to playing on the same field or court together. Competition also helps coaches see who has improved and it lets them see where their teams are strong and what areas need more work.

The summer time is an exciting time of year because teams get the opportunity to have an idea of the future holds and they get a chance to continually improve.

As we get deeper into the summer months, the excitement continues to get stronger, especially for those competing in the fall sports.

It should be a fun year coming up and we can’t wait. Good luck to all of the teams this year.