Always try to dream big!

Published 5:18 am Friday, June 9, 2017

I recently saw a story about a young American man who had overcome adversity in his life and went on to become a Rhodes scholar who was getting ready to attend Oxford University in England. His advice to others was to “Dream Big.”

I happened to come across that saying the very next day on the wall of the library at Annunciation Catholic School. Was it a message to me? Was it a sign from above?

I always try to Dream Big. What’s the use of dreaming small? I want to get my Love Kids books published, so I only have to love, love, love for a living. I want to have enough money to support the causes I want to succeed and the people that I care about. I know it will happen when the time is right, because I know we are one energy, and it is love. So it wants me to succeed!

And, maybe selfishly, I want to take spiritual workshops, and I want to join the YMCA to keep myself in good physical shape, too. I want my daughter and her daughter to move closer.

If we don’t Dream Big, we won’t get what we truly deserve. We have to believe it, to feel it fully. We have to have faith.

As Mary Morrissey says in her Your Daily Dream Builder, which I highly recommend, the love that is the universe is with you now. It is the center of every cell in your body. Feel its radiant glory right now. It is your own essence. You are love! Feel it and be excited. Appreciate it, and be thankful.

Get to know that love. Have faith it is always filling you up. Know you radiate love all of the time. Know the universe of love has your back. Really know that you are nothing but love, and spread it around.

And then Dream Really, Really Big. It’s your birthright. Be fully present, and make a wish. If it is born of love, like you are, it will come true. But you have to believe. You have to trust in its positivity. You have to believe that love is all-powerful. It is God. God is love.

You can be anything you want to be. You can be happy all of the time. Life is not about making good grades or money. It’s not about climbing the corporate ladder. It’s about being stress-free and happy. It’s about playing and having fun. That makes sense to me. So I know my wishes will come true!

Marcelle Hanemann is a reporter for The Daily News. You can email her at or call her at 985-732-2565, ext. 301.