Proud of our Southern history

Published 5:37 am Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In the early 1860s, New Orleans suffered through a savage and brutal war with its Northern neighbor. After the war, its people were injured — sick and many starving. No assistance was granted to them from their aggressor, like the assistance given to the European countries after being ravaged by a World War. The United States helped them, through the Marshall Plan.

To the contrary, the people of New Orleans were not even given a chance to help themselves. They could not even vote and were ruled harshly by a puppet government forced on them by the North. After the war, men from outside Louisiana came in and made life even more miserable for the citizens living in New Orleans. Thank heaven, a few brave men were able to run these “lawless carpetbaggers” out of town. These local heroes are the ones who the Liberty Monument was erected for.

Whether Mayor Landrieu is just misguided or actually hates his own ancestors is a mystery. Clandestine removal of the monument before daylight by masked men and shrouded trucks to prevent identity was cowardly and unacceptable. It is reported that the mayor even had armed snipers ready to shoot anyone who might interfere with his unpopular move.
Terry “Foots” Quinn