Do your part to keep our planet healthy

Published 5:39 am Saturday, April 22, 2017

Today is Earth Day, and we at the Bogalusa Daily News believe it’s important to consider and to care about our home planet. After all, the earth’s health and wellbeing is our own health and wellbeing.

We should all celebrate the earth not just today, but every day. We should pay attention to her needs, and do everything we can to keep her as pristine as she can be in this day and age.

We should become activists for the earth. We must never pollute the air, land, or water, even just a little. We should be forever conscious of what we are doing and of the impact our actions will make.

We may find a suitable planet to all move to before the earth would die. But what would that say about us? “Use it until you lose it, then throw it away?” No, we have to take responsibility. We have to admit what we do, whether it’s good or bad.

We urge everyone to make it good, to consider the earth before you take any action, to consider her health and wellbeing as your own.

Cherish this planet as a gift from above. Cherish it as you do your own children.