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Published 5:01 am Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I have had the pleasure of meeting people from all over since I have been helping at the B&B in Cosby, Tennessee. I must admit that I’m ready to take a break and head home. It will be great to see my friends and family down south and relax into my less busy life.

On Saturday, I hurried into the back door of the inn. Slipping off my shoes, wet from the morning dew, my bare feet padded into the large country kitchen.

“Let’s see. I prepared a fruit tray yesterday. Oh, and I have steel cut oats almost ready. What sounds good in them? Maybe mangoes? I think a have a few left in the fridge.”

And so my morning went, busily preparing a hearty breakfast for nine. The coffee had just finished brewing when I noticed a young man sitting on an Adirondack chair outside the kitchen window.

“I’ll bet he’s hoping one of the horses will come for a visit. I would take him a cup of coffee, but I don’t want to burn the bacon. Maybe he’ll smell it and come in for a cup.”

Soon the kitchen filled with Elizabeth, a young widow and her two little girls. They sat at the wooden kitchen table and visited me as I scurried about finishing things up. Elizabeth’s little girls were adorable. We met the evening before, and the little ones greeted me with sleepy hugs. I poured Elizabeth a cup of coffee, and she began to share her dream of living off grid in Wisconsin. She is an organic farmer and had lots of interesting information about how she procured her seeds and such. We exchanged information to keep in touch as the girls came running in with wild flowers for their mother and me.

Lisa and her husband from Pennsylvania who were retiring to the area joined us in a few minutes. They excitedly chattered about closing on their new retirement property the day before. We all looked at the pictures of their land, which delighted the proud, new owners.

Lisa said, “My sister has a B&B. We are thinking about building an extra room at our place to put on Air B&B. It really seems like fun.”

I responded, “I don’t think you’ll regret it. I have such a great time when I help out here. I meet such nice and interesting people. Of course, it is work and gets a little tiring, but if it’s your own place you can have guests only when you want.”

They found a place in the dining room and the fellow from the Adirondack chair and his wife came in. This young couple also sat in the kitchen with me. They were just starting out after graduating from the University of Louisville. Leslie and I found we were both readers and had a lot in common. She and her husband aren’t quite ready to start a family so they are working toward becoming an emergency foster care family. Before they left we also shared information. Leslie sent me a message about a book she thinks is a must read. Her husband works on a NASCAR pit crew. I’ve never been into NASCAR, but I think I might watch and look for him.

It was a great last day at the inn.

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.