Highway 3241 news is a positive for city

Published 5:41 am Saturday, April 15, 2017

The recent announcement concerning the proposed Louisiana Highway 3241 is good news for Bogalusa and Washington Parish.

Certainly, those who have lived here for a while are used to hearing that the highway will be built, only to see it delayed again and again. However, this announcement makes it seem like the project is being taken seriously by the state, and will begin soon now that environmental issues have been worked out.

Anyone who has driven Louisiana Highway 21 to Covington knows how frustrating of a journey it can be. It is common to see vehicles passing on the two-lane highway at speeds well above the speed limit, and slow traffic is frequent during busy travel periods. Having an alternate route will alleviate some of these problems.

In addition, a four-lane highway to the interstate will be a net boost for the local economy. Any businessperson will note that logistics and transportation are key factors to the decision to locate an industry or business in a particular town. A convenient artery to the interstate will make Bogalusa look more attractive to prospective industries.

Nobody is saying that a four-lane highway will solve all of the city’s economic challenges, but it will be a great help. Local taxpayers have footed the bill for this project for years, and we deserve the benefits. We urge the state to take this project seriously and begin it as soon as possible.