Local citizens give great giving examples

Published 5:30 am Saturday, March 18, 2017

It’s good to see Bogalusa residents take action for the betterment of the community. This past week’s Daily News provided three excellent examples. Instead of bemoaning the city’s lack of financial wherewithal and doing nothing, Cherie and Bryan Genco, Dodi Browett, and Lowell Hall all stepped up to take some responsibility. They each did it in their own ways and for their own causes.

The Gencos donated to the Bogalusa Animal Shelter. Browett designed and sold T-shirts to support law enforcement, and then donated to the BPD. And Hall encouraged friends and family to pitch in, before he made a donation to Cassidy Park. Kudos to them all!

Even the most needy Bogalusa residents can have good ideas that they can put into action. It’s good to form partnerships. Partners can help develop the ideas and make them manifest, and they can share the work.

If you have an idea that would support the city, or any positive entity, tell it to somebody. Really listen to their opinion, but don’t let anyone deter you.

Act to make your good ideas come to life while you have the necessary energy. In that way you can impact the community in a good way, and you will know that did everything you could to help.